White pants outfit ideas: how to combine them to succeed

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If you like to have versatile and timeless garments, you are sure to have white pants. Keep reading and discover which shape suits you best based on your body, how to combine white pants and much more.

Looking for stylish outfit ideas featuring white pants? Check out these chic looks perfect for any occasion

Get ready to discover the best tips for combining white pants in winter and summer, because the possibilities are endless!

If you prefer, you can read the post in spanish: cómo combinar un pantalón blanco.

Why should you have a white pants?

This type of pants can be a blank canvas to give free rein to our imagination. You will sure find the one that best suits your style and the season you want to wear them.

A woman in white pants and a jacket is seen from behind

If you still don’t have a white pants to start creating outfits with, here is a list of reasons for you shop them as soon as possible:

  • This pants combine with all colors
  • It is a very timeless garment
  • Versatility, can be adapted to many styles and occasions
  • You can to use throughout the year
  • It will allow you to create fresher and more modern looks

If you have several good quality timeless garments, you will see that it is possible to create many looks that adapt to different occasions.

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How to choose the better white pants for you?

It is important that know your body type to know the style that best suits you and thus enhance your silhouette and your strengths. There are several options that have the most options to combine.

  • Straight white denim pants are one of the most versatile models that usually flatter almost all silhouettes.
  • Palazzo, a very chic cut that also stylizes.
  • Shorts or Bermuda shorts, for more informal summer looks.
  • Flared pants or flare jeans, are an option that is increasingly fashionable whether they are long or those that are at ankle height.

If you opt for white denim pants, which are the most versatile, you can consult the jean that suits you best depending on the shape of your body, you will be sure to get it right!

What to wear under white pants?

As with a white shirt or any very light colored garment, it is important to choose the right underwear so that it does not become transparent.

Ropa interior color nude

Preventing white pants from being transparent is essential to achieve an impeccable look, so I leave you some suggestions on what underwear to wear under white pants:

  • Nude underwear, as similar as possible to your skin tone. This minimizes the possibility of transparency. Don’t wear white jeans with striking color underwear.
  • Underwear without seams or lace or details that can be marked.
  • Also, choose pants with good quality fabric.
  • Try the pants before buying and make sure they do not shine through in different lighting.
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight, since as the fabric stretches it may be prone to becoming more transparent.

How to make cellulite not noticeable with white pants?

White pants have always had a bad reputation because they don’t look as stylish as dark clothes, they show through, they show off cellulite… but there are ways to hide it!

eliminar la celulitis
  • Choose wider pants, palazzo or wide leg. They can be very elegant if you combine them with the right shoes.
  • Another option may be pleated suit pants, they will mark the waist area and are looser on the buttocks or thighs.
  • If you like hide belly, you can choose one of high waist with buttons, will create a “girdle effect” and will also mark your waist. You can see more about this topic in the post how to dress to hide your belly
  • Avoid thong-type underwear, and opt for a garment that covers more and is skin-colored as I mentioned above.

If you like improve cellulite and eliminate the existing one, you can see feeding tips, daily tricks, creams and all the keys to help you achieve it.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the elegance of white pants without worrying about unwanted transparency.

How to combine white pants?

For many women it is an odyssey to combine the clothes they have in their closet in different ways. We are going to see many ways to wear these versatile garments.

The options are endless, from more informal outfits to more elegant looks. We are going to see white pants combined with denim, the best models of white pants for an evening look, white pants with basic shirts…

The same thing happens with the white shirt, a very versatile garment that you absolutely must have in your closet, as you can see in the post how to combine a white shirt

1. White pants combined with denim

The first of the looks with white pants is a monochromatic look that never fails. You can add color with accessories or some outer garment.

For a more casual style, white jeans are ideal to combine with a denim jacket or shirt.

You already know that accessories are the key to elevate your looks, so do not hesitate to add some leather-colored accessories. It is an infallible combination that never goes out of style.

2. White jeans with black

Outfit with a white pants, black and white look

There is a color combination that works for any occasion, it is black and white.

If you combine your white pants with black, you can use them for an evening look with different clothes on top and changing the accessories.

3. How to combine our white pants in summer

The most summery way to combine your pants in summer is wearing white pants in their short version, shorts or bermuda shorts.

If your style is more casual, shorts are perfect, but if you like a slightly more classic style, look for Bermuda shorts that are longer and looser than shorts.

4. Style navy or sailor

The navy style cannot be missing from any wardrobe for spring, so stripes and blue tones are part of our daily life.

The looks with white pants are perfect combined with navy blue and a touch of red, to give it a sailor style.

5. White pants for a more elegant look

A black and white outfit with heels and white pants

The palazzo is a very elegant style of pants. If you are not tall, you can combine it with heels or wedges to gain a few centimeters and stylize your figure.

Combined with black and some metallic color, it is an elegant and sophisticated look with white pants.

We can use this type of pants at an event in the summer, you will surely get a very chic look and different from what we are used to.

How to combine white pants in winter?

When a look with white pants comes to mind, we usually think directly of spring or summer, but we have many options to combine them in autumn or winter!!!

If you don’t want to go for nuclear white in winter, you can opt for off-white or ivory pants. This color will be easier for you to combine with warm colors and give it that more wintery touch.

You can take a look at the post about how to dress in winter with style, you will find all the keys to achieve it!

1. UGG style boots and oversized sweater

Sweater, white jeans, ugg boots and a tote bag create a stylish outfit

This style of look offers a balance between comfort and style during the cold months. Boots are the example of warmth and comfort.

An oversized sweater with some special details will add a chic touch to your more informal looks, such as the buckle detail on the bardot neckline. You can wear ripped white jeans for a more casual touch.

2. Jersey o cardigan XL 

White pants outfit ideas winter

Combining your white skinny or straight pants with a wider top will compensate for volume and balance your silhouette, such as an oversized sweater or an XL cardigan.

Those that are thick knit will give a very special touch, and you can play with the colors that you like the most.

3. Ankle boots and blazer for a more formal look

A collage of white pants outfit ideas for women.

If you are looking for a more elegant look with white pants, look for a model that is not skinny and add a blazer and ankle boots with a bit of a heel.

If it’s even colder, a camel wool coat on top is a perfect and very elegant wardrobe item.

4. Navy blue trench for a sailor look

Outfit ideas with a white pants for women

The style navy It is usually seen more in spring or summer, but striped sweaters are a winter staple too.

You can combine it with a navy blue trench, short or long depending on your style, and give it a touch of red.

5. White pants with a military green jacket, ideal for autumn and winter

White pants outfit ideas for autumn

The military green is perfect for the autumn and winter and white adds freshness and luminosity.

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