Outfit White Shirt Ideas: Elevate your Style with this Iconic Garment

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I increasingly like looks composed of basic garments, so I’ve included outfit white shirt ideas to inspire you.

You will also discover how to care for this garment so that it stays intact, what bra to use with it, what shade of white suits you best, and much more!

How to combine white shirt

We all have a wardrobe staple that we can get a lot of use out of, which is why choosing the perfect white shirt is the key.

It’s always good to have a basic shirt without details, but I’m also going to show you some looks with white blouses with unique details.

If you want, you can read the post in Spanish: LOOKS CON CAMISA BLANCA

Why should you have a white shirt?

There are many reasons why you should have a classic white shirt in your closet—even more than one style!

This garment is an indispensable piece for fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who is considered one of the best-dressed women. You will surely learn a lot from her in the 15 inspiring phrases from Carolina Herrera about elegance and life.

Still not clear?

Outfit white shirt ideas woman

I’ll tell you some of the reasons why you should have a white blouse in your closet 🙂

  • It is a timeless garment
  • You can create many looks with it; it is very versatile
  • You can combine it with skirts and pants
  • Serves for elegant and casual looks
  • Combines with all colors
  • You can use it in the different seasons of the year

In addition, this season it is one of the top trending garments. In fashion shows like Dior’s, it was triumphant, here you can see all the autumn-winter trends from 2023-2024.

It’s the type of garment that you can combine with a fur coat or wear on a rainy day, and you will always look perfect.

How to choose the perfect white blouse?

  • If you still don’t have any white shirts…
Una mujer vestida con una camisa blanca, mostrando ideas de looks con camisa blanca o white shirt ideas

You can’t miss a basic white shirt with buttons on the front, long sleeves and no details.

Look for a cut that flatters you and is timeless. Avoid an oversized white shirt or a very fitted white shirt.

It is a timeless piece that you will get a lot of use out of, so it is worth investing in this garment and buying one of good quality.

  • If you already have a basic…
A collage of women in outfits white shirt ideas

When you already have the “classic” model and see that you get a lot of use out of it, you will surely want to innovate and have more.

My second recommendation would be a buttonless blouse made of a thinner fabric with a drape.

Since this type of blouse does not have a collar or buttons, you can add accessories such as necklaces and scarves… You can even use it for more formal events.

If you already have these two models, let your imagination fly and look for a model with unique details, such as a bow to mark the waist, openwork fabric, a bow at the neck, and a colored pocket…

What white suits you best?

White is a neutral color that never goes out of style. However, most people don’t realize that “white” is not an exact color but hides a variety of shades, and not all of them will suit you equally well.

Choosing the right shade of white can do wonders to enhance your features and make you look spectacular; from pure white to ivory, let’s see which one suits you best:

  • Pure white: it favors people with cold skin undertones, as it highlights the freshness of their skin.
  • Broken white or ivory: it can soften and enhance people’s skin with warm undertones.
  • Neutral white is a safe option for those with a neutral skin undertone, as it complements various undertones.

NOTE: if you don’t know which one is yours, identify your skin undertone here

What bra should I wear with a white shirt?

White shirts are a garment that can reveal your underwear, so when you want to wear a white shirt you should pay special attention to the bra you choose.

Perfect bra with a white shirt

Here are some underwear recommendations to consider when wearing white shirts:

  • Seamless bra: Opt for a bra without seams, which will minimize the visibility of the seams through the fabric.
  • What color should I wear under a white shirt? Please wear a bra of a similar tone to your skin; it is an excellent option to prevent it from being transparent.
  • Full-cup bras provide more significant support and coverage, which can prevent the shape of your bra cup from showing through your shirt.
  • Cotton underwear: it is preferable to use this fabric because it is breathable and is usually less prone to generating static electricity, which will prevent the shirt from sticking to your underwear.
  • Try the shirt before you buy it: try on the shirt with the bra that you think is most appropriate before buying it, this way you can make sure that the fabric is not too transparent and choose the best option.
  • Check with proper lighting: sometimes, it may seem that it does not shine through in certain lights, and then we are surprised.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the versatility of white shirts and add them to your looks without worrying about transparency or underwear visibility issues.

Here I leave you some recommendations on how to choose the perfect bra, like the best bra models if you have small breasts and the best bra models if you have big breasts

Caring for your white shirt to keep it perfect

We already know that this type of shirt is a timeless garment, and that is why it is even more convenient for us to keep it in perfect condition season after season.

How to keep your shirt white? How to keep white clothes white?

Maintaining its whiteness and original state can be a challenge. Yellowing and fading are common problems, but with proper care, you can extend the life of your favorite white shirt.

How to care white clothes

Follow these tips on how to care for your white shirt, taking into account the type of fabric and how to dry it:

Classify your clothes: make sure to separate it from other colored clothing, especially dark-toned ones. It is important to wash white only with white, this way you will prevent the colors from transferring during washing and causing unwanted stains.

Choose the right detergent: opt for a mild, bleach-free detergent, as harsh chemicals can speed up the yellowing process. Detergents specifically for white clothes are usually a good option, as they are formulated to keep whites bright.

Avoid direct sun: the sun can end up wearing out your clothes and weakening their fibers. Although it can help whiten white clothes naturally, over time it can end up yellowing if the weather is too sunny and hot, so don’t do it regularly. Do not leave garments in the sun for long periods of time and avoid doing so on extremely hot days. Air dry your shirts, but avoid direct sun exposure.

Pay attention to the material: caring for your white shirt will largely depend on the fabric it is made of. Below I leave you some guidelines depending on tissue:

– Cotton: wash them in cold or warm water and air dry to prevent shrinkage.

– Silk: wash them by hand with a mild detergent and cold water. Never twist them and dry them by placing them on a towel and pressing gently to remove excess water.

– Linen: can wrinkle easily, but that’s part of their charm. Wash them in cold water and, after draining, stretch them and hang to dry.

– Fiber mix: if your white shirt is a blend of fabrics, follow the gentler fabric’s instructions for washing and drying.

How to combine a white shirt? Discover these outfit ideas

There are many ways to wear a white shirt; it depends on your style and what occasion you want to wear it for…

Some of my favorite outfit ideas with a white shirt are the following:

1. White blouse with sneakers, perfect for a casual look

If you want to wear a shirt in your daily life and you like informal looks, the best option is to combine the shirt with jeans and sneakers.

Look casual white shirt jeans

2. Oversize white shirt

Getoutfits versatile with basic wardrobe items is something very important. If you want to give it a chic touch, add a trench coat and some pointed ballet flats and you will elevate your outfit in a moment.

If you want your silhouette to look more marked, try tucking in your shirt or part of it.

Outfit white shirt ideas look

3. White shirts underneath

Another option to give your shirt more uses is to wear it under a sweater or even a sweatshirt, showing the collar and cuffs.

It’s a way to give a different touch to your layered looks.

How to combine white shirt ideas

4. With a chic touch for daytime looks

Do you remember the tricks to elevate your look? One of the essential tips is to take into account the accessories and give them the prominence they deserve.

On many occasions, it is easier to choose basic garments and give them a different touch with accessories, achieving a much more elaborate look with an impeccable result.

Outfit white shirt ideas look

5. Wear a shirt for an evening look

You are very wrong if you think that you can wear a white shirt only for daytime looks, since it is also a perfect garment for the night, even for special events.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated evening look, combine your white shirt with a pencil skirt and heels, perfect for a sexy evening look.

Play with textures, you can opt for a satin skirt, or a skirt in a more rigid fabric and a satin shirt…

Outfit: white shirt, black skirt and black heels.

Different styles of white blouse

In addition to the traditional white shirt, as it is a garment that I love and for which I see many possibilities, I have other models with some details.

I show you some of my white shirts or blouses and different occasions when I have worn them:

  • With a bow marking the waist:
blusa blanca white blouse

This model is not completely basic, but you can get a lot of use out of it. I liked the details it has such as the style of the sleeves and the opening in the neckline area.

But without a doubt, what I liked the most is the bow to mark the waist, which according to the type of body you have It is something that will greatly enhance your silhouette.

  • Outfit with ethnic details:
blusa mangas acampanadas, etnic white shirt

This white shirt is looser and we can wear it with more ethnic looks, or even adjust it with a belt if we want to give it a completely different look.

As it has elastic at the neckline, it is very easy to adjust it and leave the shoulders exposed or wear it with a closer neckline. The flared sleeves are another detail that makes this garment different.

  • Animal print details:
blusa animal print

A print that never goes out of style is the animal print, so I like to have it in some details or accessories of my basic wardrobe items, don’t miss the ways to combine animal print and look elegant.

Since it is a risky print, we can include it in our looks in small details. This time the detail is the pocket of this white, leopard-print shirt.

  • Die-cut and crossed, basic with special details:
blusa mujer zara

Another piece of clothing that is part of my closet is this white wrap blouse with die-cut details and a bow at the waist.

It has many details that make it special such as the wide sleeves that fit on the wrist, the different drawings that make up the die-cutting and, of course, the bow at the waist.

I like this type of shirt with details to combine it with basic garments and make it the protagonist of the look.

  • With a low back, ideal for special occasions:
boda look mañana

If you want to wear a great white shirt to an event, a cut that never fails is a good back neckline.

This model is made of a thin fabric, with a lot of drape and a great neckline in the back, which means that you can combine it with a more striking garment such as a tulle skirt, and you now have a perfect look for a fall event!

I hope you liked these looks with a white shirt and the ideas on how to combine it!

Do you have any white blouses or shirts in your closet? How do you like to combine it?

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