St Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas, Green Clothing and Accessories

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St Patrick’s Day is approaching, and it’s time to celebrate in style! Below, you will see many outfit ideas for St Patrick’s with so much style, from versatile and striking looks to elegant accessories where the color green becomes the absolute protagonist.

St Patricks day outfit ideas

Keep reading to discover all the tips for dressing for St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀✨

Meaning and Curiosities of Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th in honor of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. However, it’s celebrated in many places worldwide, such as Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and Spain…

Let’s see some curiosities about this celebration of religious origin:

  • The world’s largest parade is celebrated in the USA. 
  • They dye the waters of the Chicago River green, a tradition that attracts many tourists.
River Chicago green St Patrick
  • The 3-leaf clover is also related to Saint Patrick because he used it to explain the Holy Trinity.
  • It was celebrated only as a religious holiday until 1903

For sure, you have an Irish pub nearby that celebrates this holiday, and you can enjoy it. You can make some food with green touches, such as a vegetable snack board or a mojito cheesecake.

How to dress for St. Patrick’s Day

If you like to dress according to the “theme of the day,” you may be familiar with the best ideas for Christmas manicures or how to dress for Thanksgiving. So, today, we let the color green be the protagonist of our looks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

How to dress for St Patricks

Let’s see St Patrick’s Day outfit ideas, how to combine the color green, accessories to give a fun touch to your looks without losing your essence, manicure ideas, and so on.

Be ready to exude style as you celebrate this popular holiday in many countries!

Why do you wear green on St Patrick’s Day?

There are several theories about why the color green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day:

  • The first theory is that Ireland is called the “Emerald Island” because of the green of its landscapes. Furthermore, it coincides with the beginning of spring, and green symbolizes the renewal and resurgence of nature.
  • It is also related to the green of the 3-leaf clover, which Saint Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity.
  • Green is traditionally considered a color that attracts good luck in Irish culture.
  • A legend says that you should wear green this day since it is the color that makes you invisible to the elves, and so you can get rid of their jokes and pranks.

As you can see, the theories are very different, but what is clear is that the Irish take wearing something green on March 17th very seriously, so if you want to join the party, choose a green garment or accessory and enjoy!

St Patrick’s Day outfit ideas

If you want to wear green clothing for St Patrick’s Day, keep reading and discover different outfit ideas.

If you want to be comfortable, jeans and a green sweater to give it a touch of color for the day will be a great option. Add sports shoes and a shoulder bag to have a comfortable and pretty look.

St Patricks Day outfit ideas

If you like to take more risks with your outfits, it is the perfect day to have fun and wear printed pants. You can combine them with a green shirt or one in a neutral tone.

St Patricks Day outfit ideas with green

Do you like looks in neutral tones? You can have an outfit in these tones and add a green touch to your jewelry or accessories.

St Patricks Day outfit ideas elegant

St. Patrick’s Day looks don’t have to be thematic. As you can see, you can look chic and elegant with this color, which you can use this day or on any other occasion.

St Patricks Day outfit ideas

Combining green with black is a beautiful idea if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated look. Also, wear accessories such as black high heels to perfect your look.

St Patriks day outfit ideas

As you can see, it is unnecessary to be dressed entirely in emerald green; choose a garment that becomes the protagonist of your look.

You can see how to combine colors like an expert to know which colors will look best in the rest of your look and the emotions that colors transmit.

Accessories and makeup with green color

If you don’t have any green clothing and want to give a fun touch to your look that day, you can opt for an accessory, including:

  • Green shoes
  • Scarf, you can tie it around the neck and put on a bag, as a turban…
  • Clover-shaped earrings will give a unique touch if you want more discreet options.
  • Choose a necklace or pendant in green tones to highlight your look.
Accesories green St Patricks

Another option is to use makeup to add a touch of color. It’s a day of fun, so anything is allowed!

  • Take a risk with green lipstick.
  • Choose eyeshadows in different shades of green and create a very special gradient.
  • A green eyeliner can be another option. Use it to draw a clover on your face, and it sure won’t go unnoticed.

Manicure ideas for St. Patrick‘s Day

Prepare your nails for the greenest party of the year! Dive into the creative world of manicures for St. Patrick’s Day.

Manicure ideas for St Patricks

There is no better way to express your festive spirit than through your nails- Explore different ideas that range from the most subtle to the most risky and fun.

Since it is a one-day celebration, you can use non-permanent nail polishes and stickers to make the designs.

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